Some of Our Best Work That We are Proud of.

Take a look at the outstanding Apps in variety of sectors by utilising our cutting-edge and effective project management, operations, and solutions.

Dinein-logo Food Delivery

A Bahrain-based on demand food ordering and delivering platform that enables safe and timely delivery to its customers.

  • Downloads 10K+
  • Region Bahrain Bahrain
  • Platforms iOS, Android

Yoom-logo Food Delivery

An Australia-based food ordering and delivery marketplace that allows other restaurants to get registered on the platform or purchase their white label product for their business.

  • Region Australia Australia

Coming Soon


ExpoCity Eats-logo Food Delivery App

A food delivery app tailored specifically for Expo City in Dubai, offering convenient and efficient food ordering and delivery services within the expo city grounds.

  • Downloads 10k+
  • Region UAE UAE
  • Platforms iOS, Android
ExpoCity Eats

Droob-logo Pickup & Delivery App

A Kuwait-based on demand pickup and delivery service that allows its users to schedule their pickup anytime and anywhere.

  • Downloads 5000+
  • Region Kuwait Kuwait
  • Platforms iOS, Android

Cure-logo Online Pharmacy

A Germany-based online pharmacy store that helps its users to order medicines and get them delivered in 30 minutes.

  • Downloads 10,000+
  • Region Germany Germany

Bee Deliver-logo Food Delivery App

A food delivery app that connects users with a broad range of local restaurants to order their favorite cuisine in the comfort of their homes and skip waiting for long reservations.

  • Downloads 500+
  • Region Canada Canada
  • Platforms iOS, Android
Bee Deliver